baby baby baby oooh


i saw my ex odd-classmate at B1-GALERIA MALL. she drank something like MC FLURRY there. after emptying that drink, she threw away the glass in to nearest trash can *werrrrrr* then walked around (i didnt know exactly where she went). TIBA-TIBA e tiba-tiba, she sat not far from me, HELL YEAH, serong dari tempat dudukku gitu lah. dia makan sesuatu semacam bakso gitu. aku bisa jelas liat dia, pahanya masih besar, masih gendut gitu, masih tinggi juga, jadi gak patek gendut ding. njuk dia udah habis le makan, njuk pergi lagi. AFTER THAT, i gak liat dia lagi. ENOUGH. miss you, my ICHAK :*

ps: picture above was taken when she drank


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2 Responses to baby baby baby oooh

  1. noviandriyani says:

    NICEEEE, our classmates should be informed about this :DDD

  2. daldildul says:

    ahak ahak hagz hagz

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